Tell me about time

It was those bunch of tears running down my face, taking every hope away. It was the light we briefly shared for a second hiding between your healing.

You reappear in my dreams, disappearing from my present. For you it’s a game.

I hugged the heating, it doesn’t burn my skin, made my eyes dry, the hands feel the metal, I almost grasped the texture of your lips. I almost bring you on the table.

Your kindness is just a blurred gesture and your love breaks my patience.

The sleepy gaze in front of the mirror, this body that breaths by itself, I can’t feel it.

No matter how many times I take myself back into the roof top I ended up taking the plane, the same plane, is always better having you on the paper, it seems much better have the Atlantic between us, so I can turn you off, so you will not see behind the silent, so I can sit in front of the ink.

Y es que el amor se nota… y a ti no se te nota nada.