Yoga & Movement

I’ve been practising Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation for over 15 years, while adding to my tattoo collection, rescuing a beautiful galgo and adopting street cats, hitting the roller derby track and climbing walls.

My interests go from the biodynamics of the body, anatomy, exploring breathing and movement,  using ourselves, our experiences & our breath as our teachers. 

Everyone can practise yoga. It doesn’t matter what age, shape or size you are.

There is no aim to reach in terms of practising the series or the postures. However, what you do on your mat will give you perspective in terms of where you’re going in your daily life

Nothing is stable : focus on your breath : practice : each day

Mindfulness is a quality of the mind that remind us to live in the present moment. 


CRH – Amsterdam

Het GymLokaal – Amsterdam


Control Wars – Porto Design Biennale

Tier – Digital Summit

Kenjo – Berlin


WeWork Berlin

Stick & Stones – Europe’s largest LGBT + Job & Career Fair

UNIT (Unicorns in Tech Festival) an international LGBT+ Tech Community and Network.

Co- Living festival – Berlin


HiYoga – Berlin

Yoga & Salt – Berlin

Yalp Yoga Studio – Berlin

PRANAYoga Studio –


Bamboo yoga – Nottingham


Ashtanga Studio – Berlin



John & Julia Scott –  Ashtanga Vinyasa 3 days intensive  – Amsterdam


Good Body Feel Teaching Training – Scholarship 200h Hamilton- Canada


John & Julia Scott – Transcendental Ashtanga Vinyasa intensive · Balancing Surya and Chandra Nadis  – Berlin

Women and Yoga: A History of Female Practitioners Yogic Studies with Ruth Westoby – London


Intensive month KPJAYI – Saraswathi Jois – Mysore, India

Sanskrit Level 1 & 2 Laksmish · KPJAYI – Mysore, India


Adjustment Clinic 1st series – Nancy Gilgoff – Athens

· Making Friends With Our Mind: The Psychology of Yoga and Meditation · Embodying Movement & Stillness – Michael Stone – Berlin

· Fussen und unsere Extremitäten
· Einführung in der “Intermediate serie” – Andrea Lutz – Berlin

Yoga Biomechanics and Asana – Jules Mitchell

Birth of Modern Yoga – Eric Shaw

Assisting key asanas of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga & Solar Fire: The Sun Salutations – Ashtanga Yoga Intensive – Kino MacGregor – Berlin


Ashtanga yoga teaching training · 200h – Andrea Lutz and Aris Kapetanakis – Berlin

· Yoga and mindfulness practice for transforming pain
· The New Wave of Yoga: Postures, Mindfulness and Meditative Insight · Boundless presence: The deeper dimensions of yoga – Michael Stone – Copenhagen & London

Sanskrit : Writing & Phonetics – Sanskrit Akademie -Berlin

2013 · 2019 

Intensive week – Peter Sanson – Barcelona

2015 · 2018

Intensive week – Nancy Gilgoff – Berlin


Ashtanga Yoga intensive – Richard Freeman – Berlin