Relevant notes.

The sunshine is the center of her universe.

She enjoys any pleasure.

She loves to dive in any mysterious soul.

She is passionate about women.

She is afraid to lose her freedom.

Any commitment will make her push you away.

She loves food.

She is too hard on herself.

She fantasize with become a men.

She is in a deep relationship with vaginas.

Her deep gaze can take you to hell.

Have many issues with white men.

She hates tags on her relationships, she tends to tag a lot.

She is proud of her roots. She turn away from the colonize part of her roots.

Her love is inordinate.

When she is into you, you are trap in a different dimension.

She believe in energy.

She is very sensitive.

She smiles when I call her by her male name.

She only have her way.

She isn’t flexible.

She give herself away for love.

She protects her family.

The distance is killing her slowly.

She is stubborn.

She can smells you for hours.

She is very smart.

She thinks too much about relationships.

Is hard for her open her arm and be loved.

When you get closer you will get hurt.

Challenge every step of the universe.

She is warm.

Overflowing passion.

She is an explosion of emotions.

She can’t live without a fan.

You can get her with whiskey, good sex and the beach.

She is kind when she is not busy.

She is a workaholics.

Her hardest task is to chill.

She will despide 40% of this affirmations.

She could be your worse judge.

She can lift you up with an observation.

She likes working out.

He could be the best lover in bed.

She have troubles with timing.

She wants to drink from all the experiences available.

She is an excellent listener.

One of her mission in life is to be a heartbreaking hurricane.

She is a terrible observer of facts (others facts)

She loves all that queer bullshit.

A Don Juan.

With a restar gift.

In summer she have an ice latte and 2 love adventures.

Millimetrically disciplined.

Make her mind change could cost you… her.

Lost in grammar, in the perfection of a language.

She collects lovers.

She likes perros flautas, lost souls and pretty women.

She adore performances.

She fall in love constantly.

She likes clothes that look simple.

Don’t wear make up.

I took her heart once in a Karaoke night singing with a drunk voice in a pijama.

She is a good writer.

She is a better draftwoman.

She will drown you in intensity.

She wants a stable long love story… she still haven’t figure out with who.

He is amazing making healthy food.

He drinks too much.

He is absorbed by his feelings.

He hate sweet smells.

His best view it would be your naked ass.

She is an alpha.

She gets irritated easily.

With tendencies to throw objects through the air.

Her fantasy is having a perfect balance with all the women in her life.

She appreciates good music.

She kills mosquitos in summer.

He sometimes goes too deep with drugs.

He hates to flight.

She melts for a dachshund.


Politically active, too active…

Sometimes she is into cheesy stuff.

She hates the national colors of her country.

She almost died by an strange allergic attack.

She gets sea sickness.

Her shoulders carry a secret that I still hasn’t forgotten about it.

She is obsessed with slangs.


Infinitely complex.

She likes to flow in diversity.

She will break your heart, over and over again.

She likes soft lights.

A pineapple.

An Iceberg.

With a perv sense of humor.

Unable to stick an eye 5 of the 7 days of the week.

He has a fetish for winter stocks.

Uninhibited in bed.

Faithful follower of the fate of the cosmos.

Her lower back pain give her hard times in the morning.

She loves her job, never say a word about it.

She tries to ignore her white hairs.

Her german side makes her drinks wasser mit kohlensäure.

She wants to live in the illusion of making me believe that I don’t know her.

He takes my breath away, drain my energy and drives me crazy.

The envy of us is that hot water bottle that share bed with her.

In denial of their social skills.

Shutting her own truth. Occasionally letting me in, I write a list so she doesn’t vanish.