Don’t waste my time, the abrupt sound of silence after she hung up phone.

I collapsed on the bed in tears, with the inability to feel any emotions. Draining fresh wounds in the rush of your snap, without knowing, were refreshed.

Breathe out, breathe it out, just breathe it out.

Took my old running shoes in a never ending apocalyptic summer in the middle of October with the company of a dog who hates running. Opened the door, locked, looked down, I faced you hand writing on a postcard collapsed in meanings. Ironically I thank the universe for giving me everything I can’t handle.

Was our timing always so desynchronized?

My eyes can not read you anymore, my mind annihilates the tolerance of your touch, my pores need detoxifying from you.
I count my balance with feelings of neutrality when a memory related to you appears to snatch my peace of mind.

Gently I relocated the message you left at my door inside a box that I’m trying not to bury, not knowing why, ignoring the content, the reason and what are you expecting from me.

I don’t hurry to know what moves inside you as I fade you into the oblivion of the rejection.