She just went down on my in the bathroom.

The feeling of having the pleasure of being with a woman.

I was in a birthday party in Soho, that night, that place, something about the way we were placed, I didn’t fit, I usually don’t. Put on my velvet shiny blue platform some glitter and pick up from the drawer the best attitude to be surrounded by empty conversations. There is always someone in the way somehow who will make your night.

When up to the seventh floor, the pianist was playing, the place was packed. They took me to the table were we have dinner. Happy Birthday Gorgeous! quite fast we moved to the bar.

The bartender asked me how I was feeling.

-Nothing special, I was waiting for you to give me with the help of a Venezuelan rum orgasm, I replied.

Somehow, guys never realize the difference between having my attention and a real flirt. This time I was more interested in that Santa Teresa 1796.

We all squeeze in a corner, at some point I stopped drinking, without saying anything I walked away, decided to go home. On my last stop…

I opened the door, I truly have a fascination for a very well designed space. The lights were silky, almost golden, two big mirrors facing each other. I washed my face, put the hair up and partnered to the atmosphere I checked my reflect on the mirror, wow, you really have a good ass babe I said to myself at loud.

The door opened, she made direct eye contact to my ass, our gaze crash into the mirror, those green eyes got me for a split of a second.

Curly brown hair on a jumpsuit, left me in front of my image speechless, I turned around and dropped a simple joke; if you need any help in there…

She looked at me almost offended by my regardless proposition, with a cheeky smile she just nodded.

I froze, laughed out loud, shyly lowered my gaze and walked into the cubicle with her.

-What kind of help do you think I need? She didn’t take her eyes off mine, our voices were the soft whispers of two strangers.

Any urgency for escaping from your current commitment?

-A girlfriend is celebrating her second football championship…you?

Her tongue was paying a visit to my chest, my fingers smoothly slipped behind her neck. To whom do I owe the pleasure? I whispered softly as I hurried to retain her scent in my memory.

-Blue, and the pleasure is mine.

No bra, I noticed. I already regret my auto-invitation to a situation leading by my storborness on my drinks and the lack of being present with a woman like her. What will you do in a impossible situation like this where a no is forbidden and the openness is our playground?

Do you really want her? Or was that sweet trap of the moment? Be honest with yourself, you can’t resist beauty, attention and the impossible.

I didn’t know her name, It wasn’t necessary enough time to meet me back again in the same place.